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... in my swimsuit with lizzie

... in my swimsuit with lizzie

you've heard the joke about adding "in bed" to the end of your
fortune cookie fortune to make it spicier.  

in this same spirit, we revere the unapologetic celebration of you in a swimsuit. 

harness the badassness of " my swimsuit" and take everything you do -
whether it's the everyday ordinary or once in a lifetime extraordinary - to eleven.

et voila! my swimsuit is an ongoing series where we discover the unique fierce
that is a malia mills maven by chatting with some of the incredible gals who make malia mills possible.

blog meet lizzie, lizzie meet the blog...

lizzie pre-her-malia-mills-days.

as we delve into fall, let's remember summer! 
lizzie, we've got some questions we're dying for you to answer...

how long have you been a malia mills maven + what do you do?
almost a year now! i am the assistant designer working on new styles and colors.

what is something about you most people don't know?
i can solve a Rubik’s Cube in about a minute.

what is something about malia mills that most people don't know?
the sunset from the studio is picture perfect every day. as carol would say “and that’s why they call it sunset park”.

what is a travel must-have you can't live without?
my knitting. i bring it everywhere. i love having a hobby with me where i am creating something. it is such a good activity when en route.
car? train? plane? bike? hike? other?
plane. i love taking a nap and then waking up in a totally new place. but the best part is sitting window seat and getting a bird's’ eye view of the world right before you land.

where is your favorite place to rock a malia mills swimsuit?
on my roof soaking up the morning sun with some good tunes.

what is your favorite malia mills piece you own
my cloud top! if i was told i had to wear that shirt every day for the rest of my life i would be the happiest clam.  

what is the newest bit of malia mills magic you need next?
the rey harness!!! when i am wearing something on the simple side i can hear my outfit screaming for some extra jazz. this belt is key to finishing off any look.

fill in the blank:
 dance    in my swimsuit.

follow along with us as we celebrate the spice of life my swimsuit on instagram @maliamillsnyc and right here on the blog.   

and be sure to share your stories and fierce spirit #inmyswimsuit

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