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epic trip to the south of france

epic trip to the south of france

#houseofhellyes #art #fashion this image is from our epic trip to the south of france in august. we stayed avec les copains in le beausset and drove to arles for the day to worship not only this gorgeous ancient city but also to experience #lesrencontresarles- an extraordinary art extravaganza that is integrated throughout the city.
run don’t walk to the 2018 exhibits which run from july through mid september
stay at the stunningly understated yet chic @hotelducloitre. or, book 6 rue de la roquette @airbnb - carol said it was the perfect home away from home.
our day went something like this:
#vivalafrance #francophile #newarlesspirit#france #arles #southoffrance #exhibit

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