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made in america. to make a difference. since 1993

small business is the engine of our communities and we couldn't have started and built ours without the extraordinary craftsmanship, the extensive knowledge and the hustle and heart of family run factories in the tri-state area.

since the shutdown of new york, libby, our production director and founder of course of trade, worked with the new york city economic development corporation to secure fabric and prepare local factories to produce gowns for those working tirelessly on the front lines.

team mm tore apart our studio and created a factory to sew 4000 gowns per week. libby mobilized an additional 5 factories in south brooklyn to produce an additional 60,000 gowns per week.

libby's leadership and the incredible sewers that make up the manufacturing ecosystem in our great city made this effort possible. a beautiful example of made in america. to make a difference.

stronger together - check out our visit from mayor de blasio below





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