lovingly made in america

made in america…and haryana, india. #oneworld

new york, new jersey, california... we are incredibly proud to cut and sew all of our swimwear and the majority of our ready to wear in america. each piece is crafted in our local communities by multiple generations of families working together -- women and men who specialize in working with their hands and hearts to spread, cut, fold, sew and hand finish each style with love. they have a magic touch for which we are very grateful.

small business is the engine of our communities, cities, states and countries around the globe. in 2013, in an effort to support more women and communities we embarked on a program to make beautiful cotton tunics, tops and dresses in India. the world is much, much smaller than when we first started. and we’re lucky to be able to contribute to communities both near and far.

we are big fans of vivienne westwood's buy less, choose well, make it last mantra. since 1993, our small batch luxury has been a celebration of quality over quantity. and for over 20 years our malia mills mavens have supported our efforts and all of our communities. thank you! and thank you for inspiring us to create damn fine goodies made by damn fine folks.