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love thy differences™

our mission, our mantra, our driving force.

"to thousands of women across the country, malia mills is nothing short of a modern-day savior. when she began her swimwear company, she started a veritable body image revolution." — vogue

in 1993 we launched our company to inspire women to unleash the vixen within. at malia mills we don't want to change the way you look, we want to change the way you see yourself. 

the one of a kind delicious reflection in the mirror? with a rebel yell hell yes to you.

all praise our lady parts. kindness. appreciation. pride.  more curves or less so -- own it. revere it. get on with it. 

“health is the greatest possession. contentment is the greatest treasure. confidence is the greatest friend.” lao tzu

behold the power stance. even more powerful in a swimsuit.

liberate yourself from feelings of inadequacy that accompany the search to find a suit that fits.  if a suit doesn't fit, no big deal -- it is the suit that is flawed, not the body. 

a swimsuit is all about freedom, truth, feminist spirit, limitless potential. a swimsuit says let's party. 

so let's party! at malia mills we're passionate about articulating a new voice on the subject of women and beauty. 

#lovethydifferences. the revolution starts with you.




choice. one of our favorite words.

that's why we pour our hearts into making killer swimwear separates. because rare is the gal who is the same size on top as on bottom. 

busty? your sister, mother, best friend not so much? right on. from A to F cup we've got tops with more structure or less - beautifully seamed simple tops to badass underwires.

curves for miles or less so? we've got cheeky hipster bottoms to retro fabulous high waisted briefs.

pick your top. pick your bottom. kick ass. repeat.



i had a gal bring her gal pal into our southampton store -- it is amazing when friends share mm with friends.

her gal pal was reticent -- many are -- to strip down and try some swimsuits.

but strip down she did.

a beauty this gal -- some curves here, less curves there. our cinch bottom -- i saw that it was too much coverage -- she said it was too little!

no, no less is more, show off those curves! really, you are our brand ambassador -- i won't let you leave without something that doesn't look and feel rad, say i.

the limbo -- our 60s low cut bottom meant to show off hips -- stunning! she wasn't seeing it. kept grabbing her bum, wishing it wasn't so round/big/wide/this and that.

wow. so much beauty, but she just couldn't see beyond her curvy derriere.

finally i say, you. are. fabulous. and it doesn't matter if you choose our suits or a suit somewhere else but you have got to change your ass attitude.

it is clouding your whole essence...

it is a major road block...

to be honest, it is really f@#$&*ing with your chi.

you are wasting too much of your precious time wishing your ass was different when what you need to do is embrace the curvy deliciousness that is your ass, put on a suit and get to the beach.

no amount of me jumping around and celebrating your beauty is going to make you see your ass differently.

you've just got to change your ass attitude.

and one bikini clad vegas selfie later, change her ass attitude she did.

we have way better things to bitch about. equality. respect. choice. voting the first woman to the top spot in the white house.

so bitch about the size of your ass no more. live your rockumentary. take it to eleven. today is the day.


words. they matter.

and in our love thy differences world "cover up" just feels wrong.

like the abrupt needle scratch mid favorite dance song.

like saving the rest of the champagne for later.

it's almost criminal.

which brings us back to cover up -- to conceal evidence of wrong doing. if to rock what i've got is wrong, then i don't want to be right.

we get the need to cover up -- like the need to walk through the lobby to get to the pool. or the mad dash to the airport after one last swim.

we just want to call it more like what it feels like and less like what it technically is.

lover up, anyone?!




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