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Love Thy Differences

August 21, 2017

Love Thy Differences


when we stop trying to change the way we look and we embrace, celebrate, love thy differences, we liberate ourselves to lead bold and not so well-behaved lives.
in 1993, we set out to redefine what a swimsuit could be and how it could make us feel. our idea was simple - to create a collection of stand-alone bra-sized swimwear separates engineered with the precise fit of lingerie and cut from colors, textures and prints like the clothes in our closet. when you put on a swimsuit that celebrates the rockstar you are, there's nothing you can't accomplish. today, our collection includes bra-size tops from AA to E cup and bottoms and maillots in sizes 1- 16 as well as ready-to-wear and accessories dedicated to the feminine fierce.


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