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the future is female

45women.  our goal for 2016? to elect the candidate who will do the most to establish equality. 
since 1789, we've had 44 men running the show.

equality rocks.  if history has taught us anything, it's that we would be nowhere if we didn't love the hell out of thy differences.

still we can't help wonder, what if america had grown up with 44 women leading the country? 
what if we hadn't spent over two hundred years standing up for what should be a given?

the equipment we're all packing might be different, but we're working on the same project. we are working to make the world a better place, one where no one is automatically sidelined as a result of gender, race, or orientation. imagine the local, national, global issues we could solve if women didn't have to expend our incredible brain power standing up for equality.

we love an election because every vote we cast is like an end zone high five for elizabeth cady stanton and her crew.  it's our chance to elect representatives who get the #girlgang theory of relativity: as women go, so goes the world.  

women's rights shouldn't be up for debate. our 45th president needs to stop beating around the bush. let's do this! let's make some waves and make our move on the white house.

each week we'll replace one of our former presidents with the gal voted most likely to lead. wait 'til you read about these rockstars...

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