kordal - fairisle sweater

1970’s Apre Ski Fairisle Sweater

"I always find myself drawn to 1970’s wooly Fairisle sweaters, typically handknit and repaired from years of wear, I love the texture this creates and the bold mixes of color. They have a sweet nostalgia to them that can instantly draw up memories of bundling up next to a fireplace after a long day out in the snow.

For our take on the Fairisle sweater it was important to incorporate the hand-knit quality, the stitch we used is a mix of a Fairisle and tuck stitch. And while it’s made on a handloom machine it takes just as long to make as a hand knit piece. The threads have to be moved by hand every few rows in order to create our custom stitch pattern. Also, no itchy wool here, we sourced a blended alpaca & merino wool yarn, it’s light texture makes it so soft and airy on the skin.

74% Suri Alpaca, 22% Wool, 4%

Poly Handloom Knit in Lima, Peru

dry clean only.