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back in 1993, the house of hell yes was built.

hello 2023!

we're so pumped to be 30.

it's a golden age. an age of standing tall and firm with prosecco in hand.

the windows are wide open and the bright light of possibility is pouring through.


on the hangers in the back of our nyc studio live gems from 1993 to today.

retired styles. fabrics tested but never sold.

fabrics sold, loved and missed.

custom press pieces. vogue. cindy sherman.

silk. denim. velvet. tulle.

hand placed crystals.


we've been clearing out our studio to make space for the next 30 years,

carefully avoiding the one of a kind gems.

they can't be thrown away.

but they can't hang in our studio forever.

so we're offering them to you, our mavens.


welcome to the 30 years of malia mills collection.

a collection that will keep growing in the coming months.

take home a one of a kind piece of the malia mills story.

spread the word. spread the love. share our story and share your own.

hell yes to 30. hell yes to 30 more!


love, team mm

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