swimwear care


swimwear love swimwear love swimwear love...
a swimsuit takes more sh*t than anything else in your closet -- body oils, lotions, sunscreens, chlorine and saltwater are but a few of the elements a swimsuit contends with each time we wear it. to extend the life of your swimwear be sure to give it extra TLC.

sunscreen, self-tanner and how to prevent fabric damage

sunscreen and self-tanner are both a bummer for fabrics. the best way to avoid damaging your swimsuit or clothing is to prevent contact with either one. be sure to apply sunscreen and let it absorb into your skin well before slipping into a swimsuit. no same day self-tanner application and never never never let self-tanner get anywhere near a swimsuit. it will permanently stain fabrics.

avoid rough surfaces

wooden benches, concrete and other uneven and rough surfaces where we sit or lie down can snag fabrics. to prevent snags be sure to sit or lie on a towel.

alternate swimsuits

most swimwear contains elastane or spandex to give fibers memory and fabrics the ability to stretch and recover. swimwear needs to perform wet and dry, repeatedly and the best way to let the fibers and fabric recover is to let them rest. wearing the same suit over and over again will literally wear out the fibers and fabrics so to prolong the life of all of your swimsuits be sure to alternate wearing them.

no swimsuits in the hot tub… ever!

imagine throwing your beautiful malia mills suit into a pot of extremely hot water on the stove and adding chlorine. sounds terrible right? it is! no swimsuits in a hot tub, ever. enjoy a soak wearing a suit that you don't mind trashing as the high heat and chlorine found in hot tubs will fade and deteriorate fabrics.


the sooner you rinse your swimsuit the better. body oils, lotions, sunscreens, chlorine and salt water - the longer these elements soak into the fabric the more damage they do to color fastness, stretch and recovery.

hand wash after wearing - even if you don't swim. 

hand wash your swimwear in cold water, using a small amount of mild soap meant for your body or delicate garments.

always wash a swimsuit by itself. never mix lights and darks when rinsing or washing.

let the swimsuit soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then gently massage with hands to work out the elements from the fabric. rinse well to remove soap. gently squeeze out excess water - never wring or twist the swimsuit. 

washing machines

no. no. no. no washing swimwear in a washing machine - the agitation is too hard on fibers, fabrics, straps and other components.


no. no. no. no drying swimwear in a dryer - the heat and tumbling will wear out fibers, fabrics, straps and other components.

how to dry a swimsuit

to avoid stretching, be sure to lay a swimsuit on a clean flat surface to dry. to avoid fading, be sure to place it away from sunlight, in the shade.

to prevent mildew make sure your swimwear is completely dry before storing. 

no dry cleaning, ironing, or bleaching

enough said. never!


if you need to pack a damp or wet suit while traveling be sure to fold the swimsuit gently into a plastic bag with a few holes and loosely wrap the bag with a towel to absorb extra moisture. to avoid any color transfer be sure to pack only one swimsuit per plastic bag!

to maintain the shape of your swimwear, be sure to lay it flat in a drawer.

final words

your malia mills swimsuit is an investment but it won't last forever. give it some TLC as outlined above and rock it for many adventures. thank you and hell yes!