malia mills is by women, for women and about women - an independent, sister-owned small business.
love thy differences is our mission, our mantra, our driving force.
we have a kickass team, a kickass community - join us!
work with us in our malia mills boutiques 
where we celebrate love thy differences, meet extraordinarily interesting gals and work together to inspire them. 
no retail experience? no problem. if you're passionate about our mission, eager to learn, and ready to share your brain power and good chi then you might love working in our stores. 
email liz@maliamills.com your resume and include a cover letter that describes how you'd like to contribute and what you'd like to learn as a member of our team.
work with us in our studio 
where we collaborate to create a dynamic company with shared goals: to coach each other to reach our greatest potential, to wow our mavens, to be a catalyst for opportunities for women and girls. 
we are always eager to hear from candidates with a drive to be their very best and to bring out the very best in others. 
if you'd like to learn more about part-time, full-time and freelance opportunities please email liz@maliamills.com. include your resume and a cover letter that outlines your area of expertise and your ideal job. 
join us at our well-behaved bikinis seldom make history events 
where we unveil new styles, raise money for organizations or schools, introduce the work of other women we love... where we connect diverse groups of women and girls to celebrate the spirit of hell yes! 
email caitlin@maliamills.com to receive event alerts.
join us for our carpe revolution seminars 
where we gather small groups of women and girls to share personal stories to mobilize the next generation. 
we're passionate about expanding educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom - so we open up our stores and studio to be a catalyst for sharing, mentoring, learning.
if you would like to attend or speak, teach or host an organization at a carpe revolution seminar please email caitlin@maliamills.com.
reserve your spot at our give good chi retreat - september 2017
where a group of mavens and members of team mm will partner with local non-profits as volunteers to mentor and teach young women in disadvantaged communities across america.
email caitlin@maliamills.com to stay up to date as we finalize the when, where and how.